Digitalisation solutions

Improve and automate your business's processes

Optimise your back-office

 From purchasing to order management and accounting,  

with INDIGO solutions you will be ready to sell your products and services in a few clicks.



Based on your business processes and needs

Easy to use

Easy to use platform with access to our expert to train your team

In your budget

We have different package to match your budget 


Get your products and services online

Many small businesses downplay the importance of a website. In many cases, the website is the first interaction with your business. This is the place where your customers buy your products and services.

It should be easy to use, with clear, useful information, and well optimized for prospects to convert into customers.

INDIGO Caribbean has the expertise to assist you in creating an easy-to-use showcase site.

We support you both strategically (architecture, domain name, hosting, etc.) and operationally (website creation, uploading, content optimization, etc.)   

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Order management

Manage your leads and customers in one place

As a business selling its product online, you need to keep track of your stocks and deliveries. Order management system help your business to supply the market and keep your customers satisfied. 

With the right solution, you can improve your process and get your time back to focus on revenu grow. 

INDIGO Caribbean help you to choose and implement the right solution. Each company have its processes and challenges. We will asses your company and process to understand your needs. 

INDIGO order management solution have been build with these personalised needs in mind. Our solution can adapt to your products, processes and markets for an optimale experience for you and your customers.

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Follow your payments

Invoicing can be time consuming for business owners. It keep you out of what really matter for your company. INDIGO solution is based on automation. It allow you to create and track easily an invoice, to create payment reminder and keep track on payment. 

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Keep an eye on your expenses

INDIGO solution help business owner to integrate and automate their entire accounting processes. We help to choose and implement the right accounting technology solution to manage your expenses and keep an eye on your business finance.

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