Social media management

Build your community on social media


As a business owner or head of marketing, you already know the importance of social media in your marketing strategy.   Being visible on social media is now vital for a business. This visibility allows it to convert and retain new customers.  

Social media allow also business owner to build a community around its products and brand. This community, well managed, can became a new acquisition channel. 

INDIGO Caribbean  offers a range of services and products allowing you a simple and effective social media management strategy as well as the implementation of targeted Marketing actions and within your budget.

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Visual creation

Our designers can create visuals matching your brand guideline you will be able to use across your social media profiles. From the brand strategy to the implementation through your social media visual, we will lead and advise you. 


Content creation

Our content creators will create the right content for your social media from the post to the blog article or the landing page.


Facebook and Instagram have developed sales tools directly integrated into their platform.  If you have an e-commerce website or you are selling hand made jewellery, you want your products to be available more easily.

The Facebook & Instagram shops service makes it easier for you to display and sell your products.

INDIGO Caribbean has the expertise to support you in setting up and managing your social networks and their associated shops. We support you both strategically (brand, products, narrative, etc.) and operationally (profile creation, implementation of sales elements, training, etc.)

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