Search Engine Optimisation

Get your website on search engines

Get your website on Google

From the architecture to the content

Search Engine is a set of actions that will help your company’s website to appear on your Customer’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP).  The better your website’s position is on Google (1 st  page) the more traffic and conversion you will gain.  

Search Engine Optimisation include different of set of actions including keywords strategy, content optimisation, architecture optimisation and link building.

INDIGO Caribbean  offers SEO services from the strategy to the website optimisation.  

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Keywords strategy

Target your prospects

The keyword strategy is one of the most important step. Based on your prospect's searches. It will help to established not only the SEO strategy but also your content strategy, website structure. It will even impact your Paid search strategy. 

Website optimisation

On and off site 

Based on audit and Keywords strategy, a website optimisation actions plan is created. As part of the website optimisation there are actions such as tag optimisation and architecture optimisation.

Data based actions

Paid search aside, SEO is a long but necessary process that will help your website to not only appear on Google but be placed on first page of your potential customer’s search.  

Our first actions is auditing your website and strategy. It will help us to understand your strengths and weaknesses. We will review some key metrics such as  indexation, page speed and positions.  

Our reporting are a crucial phase of our SEO strategy. It allow us to assess our actions. Business owners and marketing leaders can evaluate their return on investment.  Reporting provides valuable data used to optimise your SEO and other marketing actions. You can determine the impact of your strategy on positions, traffic and conversions. 

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