Online advertising

Acquire more customers and increase your revenue 

Personalised Marketing strategy and actions

Online advertising became the best Marketing action to acquire new customers and increase your sales. With the right strategy, you can show your products and services in front of your customers. Online advertising include different of advertising types such as social media advertising, search engine advertising or Display advertising. Each type have its specificity and goal.

INDIGO Caribbean   offers a online advertising services from the strategy to the campaign management including budget and segmentations.  

Advertise on Social media

Paid Social campaigns

Find your customers on Facebook or Snapchat. Billions of people are on social media every day. Advertise your products and brand can increase your traffic and revenue. With a targeted and cost-effective strategy, you can maximize your visibility and build a strong brand. 

You can realize Paid social campaigns on the main social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

The main advantages of paid social campaigns are audience selections and budget control. Paid social platforms allow advertiser to build specific and granular segments. You have a small budget? Do not worry. You can start advertising from $5 a day.  

Our online advertising experts will set up and manage your  advertising account with as focus your business goals. We provide a set of reporting for you to understand each actions and your campaigns results.

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Advertise en Search Engine

Paid Search campaigns

Display your ads in Google Search Engine and drive traffic to your website. We can help you to reach your targets during their search on Google or Bing.  With a strong keyword strategy, we can increase your visibility and drive quality traffic to your website.

Google and Bing search engines allow businesses to bid on search queries. Buying these key words allow you to display you ads in the search engine results page (SERP).  

Paid search campaigns help businesses to drive traffic that look exactly for their products and solutions.  

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Advertise your app

App acquisition campaigns

You are an app owner and you would like to grow your customer base? 

With the right campaigns, you can show your app on Google Play, iOS App Store, and social media. 

Based on your business needs we will build tailor-made strategy and campaigns. From app installs to re-engament campaigns, we will create campaigns targeting the right audience with with right messaging. 

Our expertise include Google Play advertising and  iOS App   advertising, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and TikTok app campaigns. 

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